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Herringbone by another name

Ndebele and Herringbone are the same stitch. The stitch originated with the Ndebele (pronounced N-da-belly) tribe in South Africa - hence the name. However, once the stitch made it's way to America...
Natural Druzy Beads
MSRP: $57.00
You Save: $27.00

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Natural druzy (drusy) beads, tiny quarts crystals on one side and faceted and highly polished on the other. STUNNING!

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Natural Druzy Beads

These natural druzy beads (or pendants) are a stunning pale white with just a slight hue of blue.

These druzy beads or pendants are on a HUGE discount of .24 cents per gram. Normal price is typically .55 cents per grams.

Druzy refers to a blanket of tiny, sparkling crystals often found inside a geode or an agate. The sparkling appearance of druzy is like that of spilled salt or sugar. The formation of the tiny crystals occurs after molten rock begins to quickly cool, trapping gasses within it as it solidifies.

Plated druzy gets it glitzy looks from a process known as vapor-coating. Vapor-coating begins in a vacuum chamber. The high-karat gold (or platinum, titanium or silver) is converted to a vapor and then mixed with oxygen. The gold-oxygen vapor settles on the crystals of the druzy and bonds with them at the molecular level.


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