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Sorting beads

Tape a piece of felt to a plate, and use its surface to sort your beads. The felt will keep the beads from rolling.
Beading Articles
Make a $3,000 Ruby and Sapphire Necklace for $200! PDF  | Print |  E-mail


In this economy (or any economy, really) people are desperate to become more frugal while keeping their lifestyle, or at least some semblance of it. One area where people are cutting back is in their high-end jewelry: they’re buying less and less of it. But just because you don’t want to shell out the three large to buy that stunning ruby and sapphire necklace you saw at Neiman Marcus doesn’t mean you can’t have it.
A bargain can be found in your local bead store. It’s a well-kept secret that many local jewelry designers don’t want you to know. You can buy all the parts for that exact same necklace and put it together yourself for less than $200 bucks. Sure, you have to make it yourself, but the outcome is the same: you have a ruby and sapphire necklace.
Choosing Chinese Turquoise Beads Instead of American Turquoise Beads PDF  | Print |  E-mail


Does it really matter where your turquoise beads come from as long as they’re that deep, rich blue that’s become synonymous with the desert southwest? To some it does. After all, if that necklace of turquoise nuggets or turquoise roundels is truly a Native American necklace, or at least a genuine piece of southwestern jewelry, shouldn’t the turquoise come from one of the famous mines in Arizona, like the Bisbee or Kingman turquoise mines? Or at least shouldn’t it come from New Mexico or Nevada?
Think you can’t afford a good bridesmaid gift? You can if you make them yourself! PDF  | Print |  E-mail

In this economy everybody is looking to cut back somehow, and it’s no different with brides. Many young women are looking for ways to cut costs in their wedding. One way is to make your own bridesmaid gifts instead of buying them outright.

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