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If you've got access to a scanner, try scanning your beadwork instead of photographing it! If it doesn't come out to your liking, try repositioning it on the scanner. Once scanned, it is easy to ad...
Beaded Bracelets Make Great Newborn Gifts PDF  | Print |  E-mail

So what is the perfect gift for parents who just had a child? Sure, you can get a cute jumper at the local department store, or maybe a pair of booties or, even some necessities (diapers and the like), but honestly what are the chances that everyone else will be giving them the same thing?

For the last three years or so I’ve been giving every friend who has a baby a custom-made beaded bracelet. They’re easy to make, not much more expensive than a jumper or any of the other things, and I’m almost guaranteed that none of my friends will be giving the same gift. If you want to learn how to make your own, just read below!

There are a few different types you can give, but I’ll just focus on two: the name bracelet or the birthstone bracelet.

Name bracelets are just that: bracelets with the baby’s name on them. They’re really easy to make and you can find the materials to make them most anywhere. All you need are:
1. Glass alphabet beads (I never use plastic, too tacky).
2. Bead wire (don’t use fishline, it may break and the baby could choke on the beads).
String the beads on the wire so that the baby’s name is right in the middle. Use the colored glass beads to fill out either side. Then use crimp beads to crimp down on the wire after you’ve run the wire through the clasp’s loop and back through the crimp bead. And that’s it! Just make sure to tell the parents to only let the baby wear it when they’re around, and never leave it on the baby when in the crib, asleep or unattended.
The birthstone bead is pretty similar. Instead of using alphabet beads, though, I use a single bead made out of the baby’s birthstone. Trust me, you can find any type of precious or semi-precious stone in a bead form. Then I usually use silver or gold-plated beads instead of the colorful glass beads to fill out the sides.
The whole bracelet doesn’t cost more than $20.00 or so, but if you’re price conscious, then you can of course look for bead bargains, there are literally thousands of bead stores on the internet, so finding a good one that sells the beads you’re looking for is not hard to do at all.
My friends have always raved about the handmade beaded bracelets I’ve crafted for their little ones, and it’s always extra special when you make something yourself.
For great prices on glass beads and stone beads, look online at Western Traders. We have the largest selection of beads in Southern New Mexico and West Texas.