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Make an Inexpensive Pearl Choker for Your Bridesmaids PDF  | Print |  E-mail


In this economy everybody is looking to cut back somehow, and it’s no different for brides. Many young women are looking for ways to cut costs in their wedding, but it’s so hard to do that without looking tacky and cheap. However, one smart way to save a bit of money without sacrificing class is to make your own bridesmaid gifts instead of buying them outright.
I know what you’re thinking: you want something elegant, not something that looks cheap. But with the right materials you can create something that just oozes elegance and looks like you spent a heap of money on your bridesmaids: a string of pearls.
Pearls are naturally elegant, and somehow they just belong in a wedding.
You can create a nice fresh-water pearl choker, or maybe a longer necklace, for less than $20.00 per necklace. Even if you have five bridesmaids that still only about $100.00 total to make them all matching pearl chokers. The added bonus is that the pearls can be worn in the wedding to add a real touch of class.
All you need is a standard 16 inch-long strand of pearls, a roll of bead wire (sometimes called Tiger Tail), some clasps, and some “crimp beads” (beads used at the end of a necklace to crimp the ends of wire together making a loop around the clasp).
After buying the materials, it only takes about 10-20 minutes to make a pearl choker for a bridesmaid. For longer necklaces, 18-24 inch for example, just buy two strands of 16 inch pearls.
And if the look and luster of natural pearls is boring to you, then you can also pick up strands of black pearls or some with light blue or purple hues. And for something really different, dyed pearls can be found in just about any color in the rainbow. 
You can also find pearls in just about every shape and size. Cultured pearls are found not only in the traditional round—the most popular for weddings, by the way—but also in rice-shaped, roundels (like flying saucers), and ovals. Sizes can be had in small, seed pearls for the flower girls, or larger round or shaped pearls which can be used as stunning a centerpiece on a gold or silver chain for the maid of honor (or even the bride!).
Sometimes the smartest brides are the ones that get away with not breaking the bank while still delivering style, class and sophistication at their wedding. And while a lot of brides steer clear of “make it yourself” components for their weddings, making your own pearl necklace for your bridesmaids just makes sense.
In the end you have a beautiful bridesmaid gift you made yourself for less than $20.00 that looks like you spent at least $100.00. And, of course, you don’t have to tell the bridesmaid that!
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