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Seed Bead Sizes

The size of seed beads is loosely based on the length of the original rod of glass that the beads are cut from. For example, a size 11 seed bead originated from a rod that was cut 11 times for ever...
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Seed beads can be categorized into four different types:

Rocaille - (pronounced "roh-kai") describes any round seed bead with either a round or a square hole. Often irregular in length or shape.

Delicas - (or Japanese cylinder beads): Precision-made, perfectly cylindrical size 11 seed beads that look like tiny rectangular tiles when woven in a pattern. They have a relatively large hole for their size, which makes them light, so you get more beads per gram. These features make delicas ideal for weaving projects.

Bugle beads - Longer, tube-shaped seed beads that come in many sizes.

Charlotte - one cut, or facet, is ground into the bead to create sparkle.

  • 2 cut: sides are cut or faceted in two places, creating a more reflective surface.
  • 3 cut: sides and ends are cut or faceted, creating the most reflective surface.
  • Triangle: three-sided bead, creating a triangular seed bead
  • Hexagon: six-sided seed bead
  • Magnatama: a teardrop-shaped seed bead.